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WARNING: Although our hens don’t bite, they do give a nasty little suck.

A Hen is for Christmas

We all know our kids like pets for Christmas, but we also know all the pet charities prefer parents not to buy a pet for Christmas.

Buying a hen for Christmas provides the perfect answer!

A hen isn’t just ideal for the kids, it is also the perfect credit crunch beater, is environmentally friendly, organic and all our chicks are going cheap this year.

What Makes Hens The Ideal Gift ?

  • Teaches your children about nature and encourages them to play outside.
  • Organic and environmentally friendly.
  • Fresh eggs every day to help you beat the credit crunch.
  • All hens look the same, when it dies you can eat replace it.
  • No batteries required.
  • Hens makes the perfect alarm clock.

Standing HenBuy Hens Online

When ordering hens please make it clear what you require, if ordering as a Christmas present for your children please ensure you clearly state “Not oven prepared” with your order.

If gift wrapping is required we recommend you order as close to Christmas as possible, pre-warn your postman and ensure adequate ventilation is provided at all times.

Pre-packed hensPre-Packed Hens

To save on costs we also provide pre-packed hens in neat little containers.
Please note: these containers are fragile and must be kept warm at all times.

Sorry, we cannot guarantee you receiving a cock or hen with our pre-packing service and delivery dates are not 100% reliable.

Where can I buy hens online ?

Order now whilst stock lasts!

Please Click Here to see cost of Hens.

Please Click Here to Order Your Hens Online.

Buying hens online is simple with AHIFC – Buy your hens for Christmas now.

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