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What happened to the Hens at Old Trafford

One of our friends up north sent us an encrypted message about the Hens at Old Trafford

He wishes to remain anonymous as he has a chequered history where a certain Mr Ferguson is concerned and the less said about that the better.

Anyway, back to the story in hand.

Kenny tells us that there are a number of flocks of hens that take up residence at Old Trafford during the close season and that these hens are getting ever more protective of their territory every year.

He goes on to say that whilst walking Kipper past the ground on Wednesday night he was shocked to see a number of shady looking characters playing Keepy Uppy with an object that can best be described as, not a football!

Quite mysteriously he discovered the next morning that all the hens were gone from Old Trafford.

If anyone knows What happened to the Hens at Old Trafford please let Kenny know as he fears the worst.

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