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Treats for Old Hens – Daytripping

Florence turns 9 on Wednesday.

As other Henners will know 9 is a good age for a hen.

Florence approaching 9 brought back fond memories of Ochre (or The Matriarch as she was often referred to as).

On Ochre’s 9th birthday we had a picnic at Owls Dene and had all the girls around us, Ochre off course never strayed far from LeeLee and Ochre taking LeeLee’s last bit of sandwich from her hand just as she was going to eat it is a story that often gets told around the camp fire.

Some say hens are stupid but we all knew what it meant when Ochre settled in LeeLee’s hoodie on the way home that night.

For Florence we are going to take a trip to Kirrin Island to see the gulls, I just hope it doesn’t give the old girl any funny ideas 🙂

In other news, we had the ramps delivered at the weekend from, some may say it’s a bit extravagant and planks of wood are fine, but the ones who say this don’t have hens that reach the age of 9 – Coincidence? who knows?

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