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Top 10 Hen Jokes

What is the difference between a Hen and a Duck?
Hens don’t like to swim on the river.

How many hens does Dave at the bottom of the lane own?

Why don’t hens go to work by train?
They don’t really need to travel far enough to warrant the cost of it.

Did you hear about the hen that laid 2 eggs on the same day?
Yes, one of ours did that last week.

Why does Farmer Giles lock his hens up in a hen house at night?
To stop foxes getting to them.

What happens if you feed a hen too much corn?
It gets fat.

What do you call your hen with only one leg?

Why don’t hens eat baked beans?
Because nobody has given them any.

3 hens sat on a perch, one turned round and said Cluck

How do you know if a hen has laid an egg?
you have a look to see if there is one in the nesting box.

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