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The Archers from the other side

From the outside I could be seen as Rob

My wife is agoraphobic and suffers from panic attacks, she seldom leaves the house, has no control over her finances or anything else for that matter, I have to control everything (what a horrible word).

I do absolutely everything, from housework, cooking, shopping, taking children to school, school meetings, etc. whilst trying to run a business at the same time.

I’ve tried to get my wife help over the years, but she wont accept it, and the people I have asked can’t do anything until she herself asks.

I’ve tried talking to Doctors, again no good unless she does it.

When she is bad she hides the children’s school work, hides their clothes and tries to stop them going out, she even tries to hide my car keys.

When bad she is also very paranoid and sees even the slightest little comment or joke as a personal dig against her, she even accuses my daughter of bullying her.

The whole family is affected now, I seldom go out, the children are the same and have no friends and the more we give in to my wifes ways the smaller the circles get until we are all almost locked in our own home, we are all just constantly walking on egg shells.

I’ve almost reached the end now, just don’t know what to do for the best and constantly cry over the smallest things.

The Helen and Rob story is the final straw, the thought that there may be people out there wondering if I am a Rob is unbearable.

I’m not going to do anything stupid, so don’t worry, but I have to do something.

The crazy thing is I went on to the Women’s aid website Am I in an abusive relationship? section and ticked yes to about 10 of the questions.

Is it abuse when a woman with mental health issues manipulates a husband and children?

Or is it the husbands fault that the wife has the mental health issues?

Where do I go from here?