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Why I Stopped Listening to the Archers

Have you stopped listening to The Archers too?

Will you start listening again soon?

Post your comments here – How Many People Have Stopped Listening to The Archers?

let us know why you stopped listening to the Archers and whether you think you will start again soon.

original post from February 2016

Stopped Listening to the Archers until Rob Titchener leaves

Today was probably the 1st Sunday in 3 years that I haven’t listened to The Archers.

A Sunday mid morning of no swearing under my breath, no wanting to throw the radio out of the window, and no saying I’m not listening to that rubbish next week.

It was about 1988 when I started listening to the Archers and apart from a short beak during the Cameron Fraser episodes and a couple of years in late 90’s (can’t remember why), I’ve been an avid listener.

So why stop listening to The Archers now? – Rob Titchener

To be honest I didn’t like him right from the start, well before all the Helen manipulation storyline, it was the whole character I didn’t like, but not only that, it was the acting too.

Now Timothy Weston (Rob Titchener) may be a perfectly good actor, but there is just something about him in the Archers I just don’t like, and this was long before Rob was supposed to be an unlikeable character.

Putting the not liking Timothy Weston aside though, I just couldn’t stand the Rob Titchener character right from the start, I may have come around slightly when Jess finally arrived in Borsetshire and still remember the scene during the nativity practise, when Rob spoke about how he and Jess met for the 1st time, with fondness.

This was soon dashed though as Rob Titchener started coming more and more in to the Archers and his character ever-changing as things went.

The hunt saboteur storyline was cringy, the nearly getting Charlie drowned but getting away with it by getting rid of the seasonal worker was frustrating, the cricket team stuff just made me want to switch off, the stag do and homeophobia got me swearing at the radio, the Jess pregnancy gave us hope but then the results coming back dashed my hopes (hopefully more to follow), but the Helen manipulation and the way he is winning everyone else around was nearly the final straw, as was the Ian and Adam revelation.

I did have a little Hope that Charlie would see him off, but that looks improbable now

The final straw was finally reached when he told Henry that mummy was a liar and liars are bad people, his mother turning up and the way it looks like they will be plotting to break Helens friendship with our only hope Kirsty.

So that’s enough for me – no more Archers for a few months.

Now if Charlie and Kirsty get together with a scheme to reveal the true Rob Titchener character, I may start listening again, but only on catch up after it has happened.

I won’t be able to stand a week of it looking like he is going to get his comeuppance only to see him squirm out of it again.


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