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Should UFC be on the BBC MMA : UFC on BBC Three

I wrote this post earlier in the year – Why is BBC Giving Airtime to UFC

After the Eubank Jr vs Blackwell boxing match I see there are more calls for banning boxing or doing more to make it safer.

I heard a few discussions on radio 5 and caught the end of a discussion with someone who I didn’t catch the name of but may have been an ex boxer.

They were talking about UFC and the ex boxer didn’t like it and said it didn’t compare to boxing as a sport and the interviewer seemed to agree.

Should the BBC reconsider showing UFC on the BBC

Anyone reading my previous posts about UFC will know I think UFC has no place on the BBC (or anywhere else for that matter), will the Nick Blackwell injury in boxing make the person responsible for bringing UFC to the BBC think again though?

The argument seems to be, it’s popular and people want to watch it.

Let’s just hope the BBC don’t base all their decisions on that.

Ban UFC from BBC Online

I guess by putting UFC on BBC3 they will argue it’s not on TV and only online, does that make it any better a decision though?

Who did make the decision about bringing UFC to the BBC?

UFC and MMA on BBC3

Let’s just hope that someone higher up at the BBC cancels the UFC BBC contract and gets this barbarity of our screens (be they TV Screens, monitors or mobile screens)

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