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What is the Most Eggs Laid By A Chicken In One Day

I got the surprise of my life on Friday

I went to get the eggs out of Mildred’s laying box 1st thing in the morning to discover she had laid 3 eggs and was going through the motions of laying a 4th.

I collected the 3 eggs up and decided to leave the 4th to her.

Going back to collect the 4th egg at lunchtime I was amazed to not only find one egg, but 4 more as well, giving me a total of 8 eggs.

I collected them up and then did a quick Google search for most eggs laid by a chicken in one day to discover the answer was 7.

I searched again thinking that can’t be correct the most eggs laid by a chicken in one day was 7 and there was my Mildred having just laid 8.

I tried to find the contact details of the Guinness Book of Records people with a view of letting them know about Mildred, but couldn’t find the details, so instead contacted my local newspaper.

They arranged to send a reporter out the following morning, who they said would be accompanied by a photographer who would take some shots of Mildred, the 8 eggs and Mildred’s nesting box – More to follow…

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