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Do you need planning permission for a Hen House

Having checked on the planning portal website I’m pretty sure that I don’t need planning permission for our new hen houses so intend to put a row of them at the bottom of the garden to drown out the screaming of the kids at no. 38

From what I can gather they can be up to 2.5m high and can cover up to 49% of your land.

I’ve worked out I can get at least 12 4m x 3m hen houses along the boundary and as I only have 4 hens it means I’ll be able to just move them along the line every month rather than having to clean them out.

Off course this does mean I’ll have to clean all 12 out at the end of the year, but I’ll worry about that a little closer to the time.

You never know I might even pay the screaming kids from no. 38 to come round and clean them out, they’re so thick I will probably only have to pay them a £1 an hour.

Do you need planning permission for a Hen House

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