Can I Start Listening to The Archers Again?

It’s been like a 6 month penalty shoot out

During the penalty shoot out in the Team GB v Netherlands hockey final at the Olympics I paused the live stream went and had a cup of tea, came back, fast forwarded to the result and was then comfortable to wind back to where I had it paused to carry on watching.

I do the same for most penalty shoot outs or important football games as I just can’t watch them live.

The Archers has been like a 6 month penalty shoot out to me, I paused (stopped listening) in April and today after hearing the result, wound back and started listening again.

Can I start listening to The Archers again from next week?

Ok, Rob Titchener may not be out of the scene yet and the sinisterness at the end was there as usual, but the fear of the injustice is over for now!

I may be able to listen again without wanting to throw the radio out of the window and without getting worked up.

I’ll give it another week and maybe start listening again from next Sundays omnibus edition – hopefully I haven’t missed Joes 95th Birthday whilst taking my 6 month break from the Archers.