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Can Hens Swim

It’s only gone and happened again hasn’t it!

I took a leisurely walk down the garden to check on the hens to find an empty hen house again.

Down to the pond I went, and yes, there they were on the island again!

This is the 3rd time now they have got stuck on the island and I’m still no wiser as to how they get on there and more to the point why?

I interrogated the brats from number 38 and gave them a good lashing, but they assured me the hens on the island were nothing to do with them.

I cornered nobby in the pub and his blank expression convinced me he has nothing to do with it.

I even set up a trip wire by the gate but that hadn’t been triggered.

Convinced now that no 3rd part is involved and that it’s definitely an inside job I’m beginning to wonder if the hens just swim across to the island on their own accord?

Big question is though, Can Hens Swim?

I know they like the odd paddle every now and then as I’ve seen them chasing the ducks, I’m beginning to think they have learned from the ducks though and have taught themselves to swim.

Can hens swim likw ducks

One thing that slightly disproves this theory though is the fact the f***** never swim back 🙁

I suppose I better get the rowing boat out and bring them back again.

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