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Are Hens to Blame for the Coronavirus

We had some eco warrior types outside the hen houses yesterday carrying placards with slogans on blaming hens for the Coronavirus

They were all wearing those new fancy SBVD Coronavirus Masks I keep reading about, and ranting on about it’s all because the hens are so crammed up togeteher that obviously causes these new fangled viruses.

I tried to tell them we only kept 2 hens per hen house but they wouldn’t have it.

They had seen the battery hen farming methods on their iPhones and were convinced all hens were kept the same way.

When I asked them why they were protesting outside our hen houses the ring leader said something along the lines of “We want Greta to be proud of us”

It had been raining all morning, they were looking quite misearble by lunch time so I strolled down and offered them some boiled eggs with bread soldiers.

Two or three of them seemed quite pleased and said they would like them extra runny please, when the ring leader barged in saying “We don’t eat embryos” and gave the other young girls such a filth look that one of them burst in to tears, threw down her placard and went home.

The Coronavirus Hens protest went on for a couple more hours and I noticed they had entered a couple of hen houses and were filming the conditions which I was informed would be on YouTube in a video entitled The Hen House Coronavirus Nightmare

Things changed when they saw just how well my hens were kept and now believed there was only 2 hens per hen house and as they were packing and getting ready to go one of them came over to me and quietly asked a few questions about keeoing hens as pets.

I tell you what I said, get me a SBVD Coronavirus Mask for me and my family and I’ll save you a chick next time one hatches.

The gleem in her eyes made up for all the protests.

Coronavirus Mask

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